Who to ask for a job referral letter

Who to ask for a job referral letter – When it comes to the time to gather referral letters for your next potential job you may be stumped about who is best to ask? Your buddy boss, the professional director, the boss you hated (obviously not!), who!!!

Who to ask for a job referral letter

Referral letters are something that are generally professional, brief and to the point. They are not glowing biographies of your work life. They state some simple things but it can be hard to know who to ask.

I think it’s fairly simple. You want the person with the highest position in your old company that knew and respected you. You need them to have known you personally but also be prepared to write the true positive side about your work performance.

If you have had a ton of jobs then maybe asking at the jobs you spent the longest at. The jobs you performed best at. Ideally these jobs need to be recent.

You could also ask great former clients and customers and if you are not very experienced in work then there is no reason why a former teacher / lecturer or someone else can’t give you a good character reference.

I don’t think you need to put more thought than that into it but of course in your experience you may disagree. So if you have anything to add or a different opinion please take the time to leave a comment below.

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