Using smell to make a sale

Using smell to make a sale – Smell can bring back memories and make you feel a certain way. It’s been used before to make people feel a certain way and it is also used to help sell homes, but how so?

Using smell to make a sale

I’m sure there is a time when a smell has hit you and suddenly you feel good. Often that smell is something related to food and this is the basis of what could potentially help make a sale of your home.

It’s long been known that some supermarkets use smell to affect customers. An example is re-routing the extractor fans from the bakery into the entrance to bring the smell of baked bread to the door, simple but effective.

This can work in your home. Baking cookies, bread and other generally yummy food is a great start. Take the hot food into all the rooms. For the garden, cut some of the grass and herbs before people come round, the garden will get a fresh zing to it.

Using a fresh scent in the bathroom, not bleach! Something light like lemon / lavender and such things.

Just make sure things like damp, dirty dishes and any bad smells are not present in the home. They will affect people’s opinions!

So, do you have any thoughts of the use of smell to help sale. Have you ever used this as a way to help sell and do you have any additional ideas / tips to share?

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