Married couple Mars

Married couple Mars – Do you think you could stand being shut in a pod for 19 months with your adorable husband or wife for a close fly by of the red planet? Honestly many married couples can’t stand a car journey so it will have to be a very special couple!

Married couple Mars

A private company plans to have a craft ready to sling shot a married couple around Mars and back to Earth in 5 years from now. The couple will be flying bare basics, during a time of fairly high radiation and on rations, it won’t be a five star experience but what do you expect being the first humans to see Mars that close up.

Nasa is said to not be involved in the initiative and it will be more hands on than many NASA flights with the couple doing repairs themselves and drinking recycled urine and sweat in tiny quarters with no privacy.

Sound appealing yet?

Of course the fact it this is a trip to Mars that if realised will be unprecedented  I am absolutely sure applications from married (currently stable) couples will fly in and even though the tech isn’t all real yet I am sure the company will be working hard to get this working if interest is enough.

Of course it’s risky. One or both people could die in flight, they may get sick or worse lose their marriage only a short while into the flight! It’s going to be a hell of a mental challenge.

Full details of this crazy plan can be found in this story.

Would you like to give it a go?

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