Man killed tigers Italy zoo

Man killed tigers Italy zoo – A northern Italian zoo that was closed due to financial difficulties in 2009 saw a horrible tragedy as a 72 year old man was mauled to death by 3 tigers.

The Zoo has not yet managed to re-home 9 tigers and a leopard so they have been living in the closed zoo and being kept. The unsterilized tigers recently had cubs and people had been raising concerns.

The zoo caretaker, a 72-year old man, entered the cage to feed the animals and was attacked and killed by 3 of the tigers. His wife raised the alarm.

Of course the other tradegy is that these animals have been living in the closed zoo without relocation and been allowed to breed. It’s unclear what state they have been kept in but we can only hope they are healthy and well loved. Our condolences go out to the man and it sadly highlights that no matter how close you get with these animals you must treat them as wild.

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