Job Skills That Are in Demand

Job Skills That Are in Demand - What are the top job skills in demand these days?

Most employers aren’t looking for skills that are impossible for the average worker to attain. In fact, the most important skills an employee can have are those which are assets at all jobs.

The following may seem like old news but they are still considered to be the skills most in demand:

  • Verbal Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving Skills
  • Motivation & Drive
  • Accountability & Loyalty

Job Skills That Are in Demand

These are the same kinds of qualities that have made some of the best CEO’s careers. Well, they are qualities that are at least seeds to what advanced the careers of many of the world’s CEOs. Here are some more qualities to consider:

According to the New York Times, the corner office is something that the best CEO’s of the world have achieved by having the following qualities:

Passionate Curiosity - The more you want to know, the broader you mind is and the easier it will be for you to connect the dots to success– both in your projects as well as your career. This has also been defined by experts as “infectious fascination with everything around them”. Think Steve Jobs or Spielburg.

Battle-Hardened Confidence - An insecure drip isn’t going to be getting the corner office any time soon. People want someone confidence to lead them– to ensure their own career safety and validate the worthiness of their work.

Team Smarts - You must be able to work with others– well. Says the NY Times:

“The most effective executives are more than team players. They understand how teams work and how to get the most out of the group. Just as some people have street smarts, others have team smarts.”

Simple Mind-Set - Straightforward, crisp, clean goals. Nothing too muddied with personality or abstract ideas. This is what the most successful CEO’s demonstrate throughout their career.

Fearlessness - If you’re not the kind of person who can deal with failure and road bumps along the way, then perhaps the corner office is out of your reach. Nothing must scare you– you should be prepared for failing and getting up and trying again.

Job Skills That Are in Demand

Job Skills That Are in Demand

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Job Skills That Are in Demand


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