Craziest Guinness world records

Craziest Guinness world records - The Guinness book of world records is the the hands down authority on world records and it really is a great and rather bizarre read. People really do some odd things such as a recent world record soap bubble. The world record 150 people bubble took just a second to set before it popped but must have been a lot of fun to be involved with! The bubble is only the tip of the crazy iceberg too (likely some records involving icebergs somewhere!).

Craziest Guinness world records

Craziest Guinness world recordsWhat other bizarre and crazy records have people set? Let’s take a look at some of them and the bizarre but fascinating people behind them.

World record typing one million in words - The world record typing took 19,890 pages. It took 16 years and seven months for Les Stewart to type the words on a manual type writer using one finger.

World record largest bottle cap sculpture – Alastair galpin holds 38 World Records in total and he also recently broke the longest handshake. However his bottle cap sculpture is pretty cool. It used 19,205 caps and is in the shape of a rugby ball.

Oldest woman to run a marathon – A 92 year-old is the oldest woman to run a marathon. Gladys Burrill ran the 2010 Honolulu marathon in 9 hours and 53 minutes. She didn’t run her first marathon until she was 86!

World record largest house of playing cards - Bryan Berg an American architect built a house of 218,792 free standing playing cards beating his own record. You really need a steady hand for such a thing!

World record body piercing in one session - 1015 piercings in 7 hours were painfully applied to Kam Ma by Charlie Wilson in 2006.

World record most breakdancing head spins in one minute - Spinboy Aichi a Japanese breakdancer managed 141 breakdancing  head spins in a minute!

World record most spoons balanced on face - Aaron Caissie who is only 10 managed to balance 17 spoons on his face for this odd record.

World record most books typed backward - Michele Santelia from Italy typed 67 books backwards in their original language.

World record largest collection of airplane sick bags – In 1970 Niek K. Vermeulen made a bet with a friend to see who could collect the most of one item. Since then Vermeulen has collected 6,016 airplane sick bags and bagged himself a world record.

World record tallest pancake stack - 725 pancakes were stacked on top of each other by Food Network UK, the tower measured 32inches high and used the thinner UK style of pancake.

Most hot air balloons to cross the english channel – Just this month (April 2011) a new record was set when a group of 50 hot air balloons crossed the channel between England and France.

Most world records held by one person - Ashrita Furman holds 113 Guinness records, he must take up half the book! His first record was for doing 27,000 jumping jacks.He has other records including the fastest mile of somersaulting and catching the most grapes in his mouth in 3 minutes. He is nicknamed ”Mr. Versatility.”.

Have you ever attempted a world record or are thinking or attempting one? If so we would love to hear about it in the comments below. Just scroll down…

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