Bad job searching habits

Bad job searching habits – Looking for a job can be a real drag, especially if it just goes on and on and on and bad habits are easy to develop. So what are some of these habits?

Bad job searching habits

Slacking off because of a promise – This is common. Someone says “well have a great job for you coming up in a few weeks” and in many cases it will come to nothing but still time after time job seekers slack off and live in the hope that these promises will be the job they have been looking for.

Following the same avenues again and again – If looking in the same newspaper and shop window morning after morning is the routine you are in you may be missing out on a lot. You of course need to keep looking but as job searches go on people tend to narrow where they look and fall back on creative finding. Use social media, search in odd places and just keep digging rather than scraping the dirt off the surface.

Not using networks – You build up a big network over years of working but often people neglect to use that when they find themselves jobless. Contact everyone you know and make it known you are looking for work. It only takes one word to the right person to get you in somewhere and if that right person doesn’t know that word can never be spoken.

Not keeping up with the industry – Often people recess into their world and don’t keep up with the industry. Keeping keen and involved means you’ll be better equipped to know where to look for work and who may or may not be hiring. If you read XX company are expanding it may be worth giving the HR dept a call before the jobs even hit the advertising. This kind of keenness and knowledge could get you in early.

Losing confidence,  being rejected and downright fed up takes it’s toll but you got to keep on keeping on and keeping keen. Don’t fall into poor routine and the mistakes many make and keep on top of your game. You will make it!

Do you have any tips to share? - BAD JOB SEARCHING HABITS

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