Amazon's Alexa appears in scores of new smart gadgets

Amazon's Alexa appears in scores of new smart gadgets”

Since it's powered by the webOS smart platform, several Wi-Fi enabled features can be used directly on the Smart InstaView while Alexa can do a wide variety of tasks from reading recipes out loud to streaming music, ordering groceries from Amazon, and more. Eventually, anyone with an Amazon Echo at home and SYNC 3 compatibility in their Ford automobile will be able to communicate with Alexa in-car as well as at home.

Ford tells me this is "just the start" relative to the partnership and their plans for expanding voice-based interaction and virtual assistants in the auto.

Drivers can also ask Alexa for their car's current fuel level and battery range. The device acts as a smarthome hub that delivers entertainment, information and AI assistance services through voice commands, and controls IoT enabled devices around the house.

The second phase of the rollout, expected this summer, allows Ford owners to tap into a broad set of Alexa skills using their voice while driving - helping them keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. I'm a huge Alexa fan, and I've long thought it's the ideal experience for use in-car.

It makes use of Amazon's Alexa Voice Services technology, which adds intelligent voice control to any internet-connected product that has a microphone and speaker.

'Alien' Radio Signal Linked To Young Neutron Stars In Dwarf Galaxy
They also aren't sure whether the persistent radio emission they detected and FRB 121102 are one and the same. The Gemini observations also determined that the dwarf galaxy is more than 3 billion light-years from Earth.

Alexa will begin appearing in Ford vehicles in two stages. Loyal Amazon users who were long sold on the virtual assistant's capabilities and have grown comfortable with Alexa to the degree that she is nearly a member of their family now have another reason to seek out certain Ford models if they're soon in the market for a new auto.

Perhaps most useful of all, Alexa will have navigation capabilities, helping you locate a destinations like a nearby restaurant if you ask. Auto makers have advanced far enough with smart vehicles, and Alexa's influence now reaches so far, that the integration of Alexa into state-of-the-art cars seems like a no-brainer.

There's now a parental password on the family's account and the 6-year-old said she has learned her lesson about asking Alexa for things without mom or dad around.

While Apple's Siri only gives limited access to third-party app integration, Google's personal assistants (Now and Assistant) are just as open as Amazon's Alexa - except it has a lot of catching up to do.

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