'Alien' Radio Signal Linked To Young Neutron Stars In Dwarf Galaxy

'Alien' Radio Signal Linked To Young Neutron Stars In Dwarf Galaxy”

However; Shami Chatterjee and his team from Cornell University were able to point out the location far way to a galaxy that is hosting it.

One was that they were coming from a black hole at the centre of the dwarf galaxy which was feeding on matter, and every time a jet from that hole blasted away a cloud of plasma a flash of radio waves was produced. They also aren't sure whether the persistent radio emission they detected and FRB 121102 are one and the same.

The researchers offer the hypothesis that FRB 121102 is caused by the leftovers from a supernova, being energised by a young and rapidly spinning neutron star - but a lot more observation will be needed to test that idea. As you've probably figured out from the name, the galaxy is far smaller than the Milky Way - in fact, it contains less than one percent of the mass of our galaxy. The Gemini observations also determined that the dwarf galaxy is more than 3 billion light-years from Earth.

More follow-up observations, with other telescope networks around the world including the European Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) Network, showed that the various FRB signals were occurring within 100 light years of each other.

For over a decade, Fast Radio Bursts (FRB) - intense bursts of radio emission lasting mere milliseconds - have continued to baffle scientists. "This unambiguously identifies FRB 121102 as repeating", astronomers wrote of the discovery a year ago in Nature.

They went fishing in the spot using the National Science Foundation's (NSF) multi-antenna radio telescope system - Karl G Jansky Very Large Array (VLA).

According to SPACE, the FRB was first time discovered in 2007 for just a fraction of a second.

Although scientists still do not know what causes these deep space signals, locating the source of the radio signal can bring researchers closer to understanding them better and where they exactly come from. Writing in the journal Nature, researchers found 10 bursts coming from the same direction as FRB 121102, using the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico.

For years, sky-watchers couldn't pinpoint the source of the bursts - even with the help of long-range telescopes - because they were too quick to map. Chile's Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array, Gemini optical telescope in Mauna Kea, Hawaii, and NASA's Chandra X-ray satellite closely monitored it.

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That need could be filled later this year when a new radio telescope comes online in British Columbia, Canada, dedicated to hunting fast radio bursts.

Sharing their findings, Tendulkar said, "One would generally expect most FRBs to come from large galaxies which have the largest numbers of stars and neutron stars".

In 2015, however, researchers discovered an FRB emanating from the same source as one measured in 2012.

"This discovery may hint at links between FRBs and those two kinds of events", Tendulkar said.

Gemini composite image of the field around FRB 121102 (indicated).

"These are cosmological, these are coming to us across the distant universe and they can really tell us about the voids between galaxies."

"We think that the bursts and the continuous source are likely to be either the same object or that they are somehow physically associated with each other", said Benito Marcote, of the Joint Institute for VLBI ERIC, Dwingeloo, Netherlands.

An artist's rendering of an outburst on an ultra-magnetic neutron star, also called a magnetar.

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