The Chrysler Portal Concept is FCA's Electric, Semi-Autonomous Minivan for Millennials

The Chrysler Portal Concept is FCA's Electric, Semi-Autonomous Minivan for Millennials”

In the first concept debut of 2017, Chrysler unveils the Portal minivan at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The concept van features a 100 kilowatt-hour (kWh) battery pack and is reportedly capable of traveling around 250 miles (~400 kilometers) on a single charge. All the technology bits have been developed with Samsung and Panasonic, but Chrysler hasn't disclosed yet who is behind its self-driving software.

"Designers envisioned the interior of the Chrysler Portal concept as a "third space" for users that comfortably bridges the transition between the office and home and promotes sharing inside the vehicle", FCA said. Additionally, the Portal Concept includes an interesting front fascia with LED headlights and a bumper incorporating dozens of small holes acting as a faux grille.

Also present are six-aircraft style seats that are mounted on rails that allow them to move around and be removed.

The unique exterior design is characterized by the use of doors with large windows, nicknamed "portals" by Chrysler. Chrysler is billing this primarily as a feature aimed at personalizing different settings - presumably things like seat position and the like - but it also clearly has security implications, such as being used to prevent unauthorized drivers from commandeering the vehicle.

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The driver can be a passenger some of the time thanks to a suite of cameras, radar, Lidar, and ultrasonic sensors, plus high-definition maps augmented by Global Positioning System and car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure communications that enable Level 3 autonomy, which allows the Portal to drive itself on some highways with human supervision. If it's determined that the driver isn't monitoring the road and refuses to take over, then the Portal will pull over to the side of the road as it's able to.

The company says the Portal is engineered to upgrade to higher levels of autonomy as technology progresses, and if the owner is interested in adding it.

The company declined to say if it considers the Chrysler Portal to be a minivan, SUV or crossover, choosing instead to say it's "an interpretation of a next generation vehicle".

As if often the way with concept like this, Chrysler has not announced a price or release date for the Portal.

FCA will hold a press conference at CES in Las Vegas, Tuesday at 1 p.m. Engineers have integrated no less than 10 docking stations in the cabin.

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